Wednesday, September 23, 2015


     After receiving so many comments on September's newsletter, I decided to share it on the blog.  Enjoy =)

     "I've always felt like I wasn't good enough…my mom left me and I felt unloved.  But--when my adoptive parents had my baby brother, I realized how everyone loved him--just because he was a baby!  So someone must have loved me too."
     I watched the girl from a short distance as she brushed the horse's shiny brown coat until it was silky smooth.
     "Jesus loves you."  I said.
     She smiled, but didn't look at me, "Funny, you're the second person to tell me that today!"
     I paused then, praying for the right words to say.  "Do you love your baby brother?"  I asked.
     "Yes!  Very much!"  Was the immediate reply.
     "Would you ever give him up?"  I pressed.
     "Not for anything."  She said the words firmly, with determination.
     "Well God gave up His Son, Jesus, for us.  He let Him die so that He could save us from our sins that separate us from Himself.  He died…for you."
     "And for everyone else…" My student pointed out, nodding.
     "Yes…and no."  I said quietly.  "He would have done it all even if only to save you.  He would have died just for you--or for me."
     For a moment, the girl was quiet.  She stroked the horses mane and her large dark eyes  were careful not to make contact with mine.
     "Do you really believe that?"  She asked.
     "With all my heart."  My answer came quickly, and I found myself admitting, "Its hard sometimes for me to believe because I know I don't deserve that kind of love--"
     "Oh yes you do!"  My young friend objected immediately.
     I smiled at her kind outburst but said firmly, "No.  I don't.  And that's what makes God's love so beautiful!  The fact that we don't deserve it!  He sent His Son to die purely out of love for us!"
     And then, a soft, "Wow…"

     What Jesus did for us?  Is more than worthy of a "wow".  Let's not forget, even when we know the story so well.  =)

Thanks for reading!