Friday, July 3, 2009

A time to be born...

This morning as we gathered around for devotions, Norman Haerr read Ecclesiastes 3. He shared how different things are done in different ways at different times. He gave the example of the baler his dad bought when he was younger. It was a huge contraption and not very practical. At the time, however, it was a great piece of machinery for their farm. Baling hay is much more productive now. We are so thankful!
During the morning of June 25, Java began to have her puppies. Although she didn't have 15 like we were predicting, she still did an amazing job! She is such a good mother, watching out for her 10 puppies. Above is a picture of the babies only one week old! How cute!
We would also like to welcome Caitleigh Rinkenberger and Emily Kieser to help at HIS Ranch for part of July. Jennifer & Amber Rassi are also welcomed to help for July & part of August. And last, but not least, Megan Kieser is welcomed to HIS Ranch to help for as long as God calls her here. Praise the Lord for willing hearts and able hands! We are thankful!

Jennifer, Caitleigh, Emily, and Amber work on prying away old caulking on barn.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to HIS Ranch!!!

Late last Saturday night Renae Baer & her mother Janna arrived with many flowers to plant on the HIS Ranch grounds. On Monday they both worked hard to finish the landscaping around the HIS Ranch Welcome sign. It looks great and much more inviting! Thanks so much! Renae will continue to work at HIS Ranch for a month this summer. We are thankful to have her!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Splash! Splash!

Last week we finished our water fountain! Yay!!! It is so refreshing to hear the sound of flowing water when one is walking close to the water fountain. It is also a welcome sight to look out the east windows of the Welcome Center and see the water spraying.
The water fountain has served two purposes lately. One purpose is that it adds calm and peace to the HIS Ranch grounds. Secondly, it is a great wading pool! Last week was so incredibly hot being in the high 90's with the humidity shooting even higher. After sweating in the hot sun baling hay, the pool was a welcome refreshment. Thanks for all the hard work put into it! A special thanks to Maria for her perseverance, even after several minor injuries!
Please continue to pray for the HIS Ranch gang that we would continue to be able to keep our focus on how God has called us to be used at HIS Ranch. Thanks for your prayers in the past!