Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sharing the Good News!

One morning a couple weeks ago, Susan was getting something out of the tool room when she passed this little empty wheelchair. It belonged to one of the kids who was having their horseback riding lesson at that time. The empty wheelchair made her stop and just praise the Lord for the children that come to HIS ranch. As she shared this moment with the rest of the ranch volunteers, we all were reminded of why we are here at HIS Ranch. Here disabled kids can come and be a normal kid who gets to ride a horse. They are able to leave their wheelchair and experience the simple pleasure of riding a horse. As they ride, we can't help think of that day when they get to heaven and will get a new healthy body. They won't be confined in their wheelchair but will be singing and dancing for joy around the throne of God. Praise the Lord!

Last week Alicia and Carrie were invited to share about HIS Ranch at a VBS in Palmyra, MO. They spoke to the kids during their mission time. They were able to tell the kids that they do not have to leave the country to be a missionary but that they could do mission work in their own town. They shared with them about all the horses and kids that come to the ranch. It was a great way to tell more people about HIS ranch and it also was a great reminder that we need to share the Good News with everyone that comes to HIS Ranch. The fact that HIS Ranch is a ministry can get lost in the day to day busyness of the ranch. Sometimes God uses situations like the VBS to turn our focus back to Him. It is HIS ranch and we are here to serve Him. He has given us such a opportunity to share with anyone who comes to the ranch about the saving blood of Jesus that one day we may all meet again in heaven!