Friday, March 27, 2009


Walking outside this morning was a shocker! It was cold compared to the 60 and even 80 degree wheather we had been blessed with. Despite the cold wind whipping through over the lake, we had 23 bare root trees that came in that needed to be planted. So, what did we do? Of course we planted them! With a total of 6 people helping, we got all 23 planted within an hour and a half. After Susan & Shannon measured out where they would be planted, the rest of us began digging holes. Then like clockwork, we began planting the trees. But we didn't just do any regular planting. We tucked the trees in real nice and spoke and sang kind words of blessings. There is something about working as a team to bring new life that is truly amazing! We are so blessed!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

(Help Continued)

Above you will see the southeast corner of the ranch where we build a cement pad. This will be used to hold the stove to warm the Welcome Center in the cold winter months. Will it ever be appreciated!
The picture on the left is of the north wall in the Welcome Center that is finished out with the knotty pine siding. Justin finished all of the siding earlier this week and is now, even as I write, finishing the ceiling.

Although Justin only planned on being here for a week or so, he has decided to stay longer and help us with our projects! Thank you Justin!

Help Has Arrived!

In this past month, progress on the Welcome Center came to a standstill as schedules became busy and the HIS Ranch Crew was unable to work. But lately, if one would've stopped by the Welcome Center, they would've found one guy who was hard at work.

When Justin Steffen was laid off of work about a month ago, he thought that his free time presented a good opportunity to come to HIS Ranch and volunteer for a week or so. His handyman skills have been greatly appreciated! And his fruits have been amazing!