Friday, July 25, 2008

Bluffton Work Team





We have been very encouraged by a work team from Bluffton that came out to help on Wed at 3am! That is commitment. They plan on returning home on Saturday after they have graced this area by being in a local parade supporting His Ranch. During their time they have primed two bathrooms in our 'being constructed' welcome center, set up posts and hotwire for some new pasture land, creatively decorated banners for the parade, and Amber Dehoff even bought a puppy. They have been a tremendous blessing and encouragement with their willingness to tackle any task that comes up before them. Tonight, since it is their last night, we are having a sharing time and bonfire to remember the special times during these past days as well as personal reflections on how each were affected by this time. Please be prayerful for this evening that hearts can be touched and that they can have a safe and quiet(with a puppy in the backseat) drive home tomorrow. Thanks for all of your support!

Also, as a side note, we are ordering youth sizes (s,m, and l), 2XL, and 3XL of our merchandise so everyone feels welcome to spread the joy of this ministry. This ranch's priority in reaching out to the community is based around giving everyone from every background an equal opportunity to enjoy our horses; this includes our ranch t-shirts and gear :)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Transitions today

This is one of our first posts where we are actually posting about what happened less than a couple of hours ago! A group from a local business called Transitions visited our ranch.

"We provide an array of services to help people of all ages and all abilities. Whether you have a loved one with a developmental delay, you need job skills training, or you have challenges surrounding the care of an elderly parent, we can help."

--Mark Schmitz, Associate Executive Director

They brought six kids with mental and physical disabilities to ride our horses: Zach, Aaron, Jami, Nikki, Maverick, and Levi. They rode Victor and Louis and seemed to enjoy petting the puppies and caressing the fur onto their cheek and face. Maverick was so interesting to watch. As we told him it was his turn to ride and showed him in sign language, he jumped from his chair and gathered his balance to walk toward the steps. With agility and help from Shannon, Eric, and Tate, he set his foot in the stirrup and swung his leg behind him to set into the opposite stirrup. And with two side walkers he took his turn with a smile from ear to ear. Because he is blind, we could tell he enjoyed feeling the horse below him and sometimes would even close his eyes to become more in tune with the feeling. It continues to feel amazing to see these kids and their helpers enjoy the animals and watch them open their hearts to the horses and puppies. We may not have any idea what their past has been or their future may hold, but we know that they are silently pouring their hearts out in trust to these blessed animals. Keep these kids in your prayers!

Monday, July 21, 2008

New T-shirt Designs

Would you like one of these cute shirts, or two, or three, or four? We just recieved these three new t-shirts designed by Riggalicious. The first picture is of the front of each of the shirts and the second pic is of their backs. To share the news about His Ranch in a silent witness, we welcome whoever is interested in buying one of these shirts, a brown sweatshirt, a brown rugged cap, a camo hat, or a pink hat (all embroidered with the His Ranch logo). The t-shirt prices are $10, sweatshirts are $25, caps are $15, and if you might add a little for the shipping that would be great. We are so thankful God has blessed us so richly with this opportunity and thank you for all of your support and prayers.