Thursday, June 26, 2008

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finally...some pictures





Yes! We finally have some pictures of the flood effort. In several of the pictures, you can see a bridge partly under water. That is the bridge over the Mississippi connecting West Quincy (next to Taylor) to Quincy, IL. It is called the Memorial bridge and has been closed for about a week. Several of these pictures are from the Bluffton group that came out this past week. However, we have been blessed by over 1800 volunteers so far!! Because of the state, we have also been keeping track of the hours worked. And for our volunteers alone it accounts for almost 26,000 hours!! God is so good.

I have talked to some of you recently about your prayers. But it is so evident here by your prayers. There are several men that have worked day and night (literally), trying to hold down there regular job and give the rest of their time to the flood effort. It is only by the grace of God given through your prayers that these men still have energy and are able to focus on the job at hand, while still smiling! Several of these men and women each of their own situations but they all could use prayers. Some of them include (so you can pray for them by name) Roger Sutter (head commissioner, Norman Haerr (retired commissioner), Kent Heimer (construction co. owner and Taylor elder), Rodney Sutter, Jesse Heimer, Kay Sutter (head of all food and drink details), Sally Haerr (all-a-round woman who helps with everything and still has time to encourage others), Shon Haerr, Jim Gottman, Curt & Beth Rocke, Joe Yackley, Shannon Haerr, and all the incoming volunteers, native families, and wives who try to keep things at home running smoothly while contributing their life to the flood effort as well.

Thanks to all who have already contributed your time, donations, and/or prayers!

For the present news, Norman Haerr said that the fabby heighth isn't has high as what we had expected and the Mississippi levee is holding up well. Something that is somewhat discouraging is that Des Moines, IA has had 12 inches of rain in the past 24 hrs which all drains into the Mississippi and might probably raise the river level for us. Because of some erratic forecasts the projected crests have been very different as well. So we are presently preparing for the highest crest projected and we'll see where we are. Volunteers have been faithfully coming in steadily throughout the week and we still have several planned on coming. Norman Haerr said that he thinks we have the heighth mostly taken care of and will continue working on maintaining the levee during the day and watching for the trouble spots during the night watches. Overall, we are encouraged about our present situation while there is a murky future situation in regards to the rainfall and projected crests. Hope this info all helps and we covet your prayers! God bless you all!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008



The national weather service website is linked to the last post's title. Right now the river level is 30.2 feet. The record level is 32.1 and was set during the flood of '93.

The above picture was taken today. This is an area we just found and is of great concern. As you can tell in the picture, a section of sand slid out of place causing a great semicircle crevice in the levee. So, right now, there are sandbaggers trying to fill it in and watch other areas to make sure it doesn't get worse.

Today is Jim Gottman's 54th Birthday!!!

Also, Alicia Steffen and Rachel Neuenschwander from Bluffton are coming out today to help us out on the ranch. However, I think they might be working with the flood effort for a bit first :)
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