Monday, June 21, 2010


HIS Ranch is so blessed with our wonderful summer volunteers! In the picture above, the volunteers,Carrie, Adriana, Kyle, and Breana, are teaching lessons. It is very rewarding to watch the kids improve in their riding skills and to see their servant hearts at work whether with the horses or doing chores on the ranch.

These past few weeks we have been doing some fun work with our Clydesdales. Alicia, Carrie, and Adriana got to learn how to oil the Clydesdale's feathers. The feathers are long hairs that grow on the Clydesdale's lower legs and around their hoofs. The oil mixture that we rubbed on the feathers will treat and prevent mite infestations. Shannon began teaching the Clydesdales how to pull a wagon. He began by ground driving Ruby and Hadassah before hooking them up to the training cart. The horses did great and will hopefully be able to pull a wagon in no time at all!

Also last week, the ranch staff put on the first ever HIS Ranch horseback riding play! We did the skit for the YMCA group whose theme for the week was pirates. All the ranch staff dressed up as pirates and preformed a little pirate play. The play included lazy pirates, a horse chase, and a sword fight. The kids enjoyed the skit especially when the got to throw water balloons at Shannon(the bad pirate). Everyone at HIS Ranch agreed that horseback riding plays should become a regular occurrence at the ranch. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with the pirate play!