Thursday, June 4, 2009

YMCA Day Camp

Wednesday was a busy day here at the Ranch. The YMCA Day Camp came in a few different groups to learn all about the ranch and our horses. Due to the slightly damp weather, we set up different stations in the barn and the welcome center. The first station was learning how to groom the horse and teaching safety when around the horses. They were then taught about the feed and how we care for our horses. Cowboy Shannon gave them a few roping lessons and they practiced on the "hay bale steer". The kids then got a chance to walk around the ranch and meet the other horses as well as seeing where the feed and tack is kept. They ended in the welcome center where they got to make necklaces sporting a block of wood with our brand on it. They will come back on Wednsedays throughout the summer to learn more and get a chance to ride. It was a great day at HIS Ranch!