Saturday, June 21, 2008

To stay updated...

For anyone interested in staying updated on the heighth of the river and crest predictions, we have been using the National Weather Service.

Spirits have been very encouraged since the crest predictions lowered a couple days ago. Because of the continued help of so many volunteers, the sandbags, plastic chutes, and straw seem to be working very well. We continue to maintain the levee and keep praying.

Recently, although the crest was lowered, it is climbing and a foot higher than where we had expected. Current expectations are thinking it will continue to rise. Please pray about this situation, as well as for the wisdom and comfort to those making the decisions.

Sometimes it is easy to stop praying once times seem to be going better. Let us not give Satan that stronghold over this situation. There are several families from Oakville that suffered tremendously from the broken levee. Our situation still is precarious as seepage through the sand could occur, boils easily can happen with the high water pressure, as well as the rising current crest.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

new crest

We just recieved news of a crest at 30.7ft for tomorrow morning! This is a tenth of an inch lower than where it was when the district south of us broke the levee. Which means that southern district might not get hit as hard as we thought. Praise be to God!

The water keeps rising

Those of us in the Taylor, Mo area would like to thanks all of you who have sacrificed your time to come out and volunteer for the flood effort. We are still in need of help, donations, food, and most important prayers. The water is continuing to rise but God continues to be faithful in so many ways. The Mississippi River has broken the districts to the north and to the south of us. So we'd appreciate prayers in the following ways as well as anything that God brings to your mind. The head commissioners (Roger Sutter and Norman Haerr) could use your prayers for wisdom and Godly direction when making decisions and plans for the future. Also, pray for the health and safety of all the volunteers and people involved. God is so good! There have been no health problems out of all 1,340 volunteers (that's only counting this building). And just to emphasize how good He is, the total amount of hours volunteered just in this building has already risen to 12,000! The crest of the water is supposed to reach 31.9ft. tomorrow morning. And please keep praying during the nightime hours as well. Men walk the levee to watch for various problems from 9pm all the way until 6:30am.
On a another note, His Ranch is closed until further notice.

God bless you all and keep praying!