Monday, September 7, 2015


What a blessed summer we have been having!  
My husband's sister, Lydia, joined us the beginning of August when Ruth had to leave.  She is adapting very well to all of her new duties here and though we are sad to see Ruth go, it is fun to get to work alongside my sister-in-law =).  Ben and I both seem to lack int he ability to plan, let alone set  up a schedule for an entire month!  And for that reason, we are incredibly grateful for Lydia's skills in the office.  Also the office has never looked so clean…! 

Fall has begun and our junior volunteers have all returned to school.  They continue to pop in on us occasionally however.  Sometimes to offer their hard work after a half day at school, other times just to talk.   Today one stopped by to tell us she had been accepted into the Christian College of her choice!  (Good job, J!!)
We are eccstatic to see the friendships begun here while working alongside of eachother have grown into lasting relationships.  We miss the work, the willing attitudes and big personalities our junior volunteers bring us.  Keep coming by, everyone!  

Inspite of summer's end, we continue to see many children at HIS Ranch.  Please pray for us as we reach out to them and strive to show them the love of Jesus.  We believe that God has brought each one of them here specifically, and we want to be His hands and feet.  I have found that I often take God's love for granted--until I am explaining it to a child for the first time.  They find the idea that Jesus died for the world, yet would have died for them alone, incredible.  And it IS!  Because we don't deserve that love.  

Last but not least, a quick shout out to my husband…who brought me flowers for sitting in the office long enough to write this blog .. =)
Thanks for all your prayers and support.  Hope y'all have a blessed day!