Sunday, October 5, 2008

"A time to be born, and a time to die..." Ecc. 3:2a

I, once again, apologize for the long wait for a new posting. I do have a good excuse this time:). For some reason, I was unable to bring up the correct website for over a week. So, thanks for your patience, and read on....

As you know from previous entries, we were blessed with two beautiful foals in June of this year. We continue to marvel at them as they grow and it brings great joy to just watch them run, jump and play together.

A little over a week ago, we had to bid a tearful farewell to our dear Shady. Shady was the first horse to ever step off of the trailer here at HIS Ranch. Many children and adults alike were blessed by time spent with her. In her day, as we understand it, she was quite the barrel-racer. At times, we would see that old spark return in her as she held her own in the herd. We knew her heart was getting worse and could see that she was getting weaker. Finally, the day came where she could no longer stand. It still amazes me how a couple of farm kids like Shannon and myself could get so emotional. But...when you begin to see these horses as the truly amazing creations of God that they are, saying goodbye will always be hard.

We continue to put plans into place for the Fall Fundraiser. We are hoping to host Jon & Amy Gerst again before that big day to work on the gardens. Jon has generously donated his time and talents in drawing up our plans for the Healing Garden and Amy has been so helpful alongside her husband and in encouraging us. We are so excited to get started with it and hope to at least get the preliminary work done with elevations, etc. and get some trees planted. It is encouraging to think of having a beautiful place for the parents/teachers/caseworkers to relax while their children are having lessons.

The inside of the Welcome Center is now fully insulated and the drywall has been painted (thanks to Mom (Sally) Haerr, Dallas Haerr and Crystal Sutter). The material has been delivered for completion of the exterior cedar siding and the interior wood siding as well. We also have the rough-cut lumber ordered for the stable stalls. Notice what we are missing?....SKILLED LABOR! :) If you fall into this category and would like to come lend us a hand, we would be thrilled.

Thanks to all of you who have already contacted us about next summer. It is humbling for us to think that you would choose to allow God to use you here.