Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Have Time to Read This Blog!

     We're back!! (yay!)

And already half way into our first month of the season!  It's been busy, so here's some quick insight into what we've been up to!  

There has not been an empty slot on our calendar this month.  Early on, we enjoyed hosting the TLC Sutter Home.  They brought out 3 of their severly handicapped residents.  We were unable to ride, but we enjoyed seeing the change and reactions as they interacted with the horses!
    We've also been enjoying lots of help from our junior volunteers!  They seem to be growing larger in number every week.  Its a full time job in itself to keep these eager, hard-working volunteers busy!

     And of course!  We have kids coming out for lessons!  They come with smiles and giddiness that makes obeying rules like "no running" nearly impossible.  Some of them come simply because they are curious about these large animals...

     …others come to know what it feels like to have legs that can walk.

If a pictures says a thousand words,
then I've said plenty.  
Have a blessed day, y'all!