Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer brings progress





His Ranch had the amazing opportunity to take part in a local parade for veteran's. If you have never ridden through a parade on horseback I encourage you to try it sometime. There is just something so peaceful about slowly walking on a country road in the middle of a small town watching kids run back and forth along the sides of the street collecting their sweet treasures. Our His Ranch banner saluting our veterans came through first as our gator pulled a trailor of kids, adults, and a puppy all throwing (all except the puppy) candy to the excited kids and their parents. Every so often we would see older men usually wearing green caps to signify their presence in that chaos years ago. This was such a special time for His Ranch to be able to thank those men with a graceful bow of our head and a mouthed thank you as we tried to really look into their eyes to show our meaning. The Bluffton group was able to ride through with us and a couple even got to ride the horses. We took through the parade Louis, Glory, Victor, and Colonel and they all did amazing as they steadily walked and tried to avoid the bullets of candy in the air.
On Sunday, two girls from Morton arrived to help volunteer as well, Jennifer and Amber Rassi. They have been a blessing to help continue the progress of the Bluffton group. Please keep them and their spirits in your prayers as they will be here until August 8. We finished painting our bathrooms in the welcome center and even chose the tile for the flooring and bottom part of the walls. They have spurred on progress and we are so thankful to have them and the rest of the volunteers come and help.
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