Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Hay...

We recently were able to buy some hay from a farmer here in Taylor. However, our need for alfalfa-hay will never expire as we use it every day. We would prefer that the hay would be in square bales, but we are not picky with that which is donated! Big round bales will also work! Thanks so much for your prayers and interest! You'll never know how much it is appreciated and needed! Pray not only for our needs/wants, but also for the spiritual well-being of Susan & Shannon Haerr, staff, and all others involved at the ranch. Thanks again!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Noah's First Lesson!


Willie comes out about once a week to work with the horses. This week, Willie helped Sarah, Javon, and Alicia work with haltering and leading the fillies. Here Willie and Javon are working with the colt named Noah, teaching him how to walk with the lead rope.
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Best Pals...


At the end of the lesson, Javon and Noah pose for a picture. A lot was accomplished even in the first day of lessons. Yes, it was a GREAT day!
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Ornery Little Girl!


Upon first getting to know the foal named Genesis, one sees how spirited and ornery she is. The first day of handling the foal with a halter and lead rope started off a little crazy as Genesis broke the water bucket. During the lesson Alicia started to teach Genesis how to turn with the lead rope.
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Sweet Thing!


By the end of the day Genesis, who earlier would not even let you touch her, was nose to nose with Alicia and willing to receive kisses. She really is a sweet thing! We are hoping that she will be as good with the children as her mother, Cheyenne, is.
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Our last bale

The ranch is sending out a plea for hay! If we had the time we would take a picture of what used to be a T-hanger garage full of hay. And as of right now, we have one bale in the far corner. So if there is anyone who would be willing to fill this need we would appreciate it. God is good in whatever that happens. And thank you all for your continued support and prayers.