Thursday, July 8, 2010

Showers of Blessings!

Wow, these past few weeks have just flown by so quickly! HIS Ranch is so blessed by all the many visitors that come whether for a one-time lesson or a weekly lesson. There has also been an abundance of rain that has changed some of our lessons plans. A couple of weeks ago on a rainy Tuesday morning, we had a group of handicapped kids from Transitions come to the ranch. We cleaned out the barn, so that we were able to give rides in the barn. Everyone took turns riding Victor around the barn. Many of the kids were not able to verbally express there excitement but it was written all over there faces. Our day was blessed by the joy and love that the Transition kids brought to the ranch.

We were blessed with the opportunity to have a lesson with a missionary family from Haiti. We fed the pony
and rode Louie around in the barn. As we got to know the kids, we found out that they love to sing which coincidentally so do we volunteers. We then agreed to sing a song if they would sing a song to us in Haitian. Alicia, Breana, Adriana, and Carrie sang 'How Deep the Father's Love' and then they sang us a praise song. It was so encouraging to have the name of God lifted high. Praise the Lord!