Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer 2012

Cowboy up!  We are three weeks into the riding season already and things are in full swing at His Ranch!  Last year we introduced some of our staff members at the beginning of the season, and this summer we are blessed to have some of the same people with us, as well as several new ones.  The Lord is continually blessing us with those who have a heart to serve in this ministry.

Ben Lindberg has joined us again from south Georgia, and plans to work the full summer.  We appreciate his experience with horsemanship and training, his gift of leadership, and his fun-loving attitude.

Kyle Reinhard moved from Indiana to Missouri a few years ago because of a passion for His Ranch.  He has been involved in various capacities as his other jobs allow, but this summer he was able to adjust his schedule so he can work here full time.  We are blessed by his leadership skills, gift of teaching, and encouragement.

Ruth Virkler from Indiana is also with us again.  Her gentle spirit, listening ear, and skill in the office is a plus to the team.  She is the cheerful voice you will most often hear when you call us.

Ariel Libmann is our newest full-time staff member.  She grew up in Quincy, Illinois, our neighboring town.  She became involved with the ranch last summer as a volunteer, and the Lord has led her to move from her job at Best Buy to serve here.  Ariel is also a tremendous help in the office with her wonderful skills in customer service, organization, and electronics.  We enjoy her enthusiastic spirit! She loves to be with the kids and is enjoying the transition from city life to farm life.

Kari Keener wintered at the ranch and is staying for the second summer.  She grew up in Northeast Ohio but is loving it here in the true Midwest!  She was able to spend more time gaining experience with the horses over the closed season and continues to enjoy working with them and passing on what she has learned to the kids.  She also loves writing for the blog and hopes to find many new inspirations to share this year.

We also have been enjoying some new team members who are helping us short-term.  Daniel hails from Georgia and knows horses well.  He has been a great addition these first few weeks, helping to accomplish various projects and spending time with the kids.  He will be returning home for awhile but hopes to join us again later on in the summer.  Amanda from Illinois, Julia from Florida, Simon and Caleb from Indiana, and Michaela from nearby Maywood have been a great help and encouragement to us as they are volunteering their time and energy.  We are excited to see who else God will bring in the next few months to serve along with us!  It is always amazing to hear the stories of how each one has come here and to see God bring together a rainbow of personalities, backgrounds, and gifts to work towards one common passion, being used as the body of Christ to love people and glorify Him!  Sometimes we forget in the hardship of daily life, but it is truly an honor that the Eternal, All-powerful God chooses to do His work through broken vessels like us.  We are so grateful to our friends who pray for us and support us in many ways.  Know that God is also using you to influence hearts and lives in this place, as well as in your own home and surroundings.  To God be the glory!