Thursday, October 9, 2014

Troy and Kim Meeder

Hey Ya'll!  We're back to talk some more about the 2014 Fall Fundraiser!  We want to strongly encourage you to make the effort to come and hear Troy and Kim Meeder speak, so here is some more about them to pique your interest!

At the age of nine, Kim's life was torn apart by the traumatic loss of both parents.  In the wake of this tragedy, she found emotional comfort from a horse, and by the mercy of God, she has taken a path of healing and chosen to rise above her pain.

The healing Kim experienced became the foundation for Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a place for children and families to find hope, healing, and restoration.  The ranch welcomes four to five thousand visitors every year, and about 85 percent of the children served are disadvantaged in some way.  They have rescued or assisted in the rescue of more than 300 horses, many of which have been rehabilitated and used in the ranch riding program.  Their focus is one-on-one instruction and building relationship between the child, the leader, and the horse.  The ranch also works closely with most of the area youth and family organizations to benefit the community.

Both Kim and Troy are authors.  Kim's first book, Hope Rising, was published in 2003.  She received numerous requests for television, magazine, and radio interviews.  Her radio interview with Focus On The Family in 2004 was rated their number one show of the year!  She has since written three more books, all of which have received glowing endorsements and been featured on many talk shows and programs, also bringing top ratings on Focus On The Family and Family Talk Radio in subsequent interviews.

Troy recently published his first book, Average Joe, which speaks to men about the powerful workings of God in the lives of "average" guys.  He has also been interviewed on several tv and radio shows.  Troy has worked various jobs through the years, including some time as a youth pastor, but in 2007 he chose to take on a full-time role as Chief Operations Officer at the ranch.

Troy and Kim are accomplished communicators and have spoken to audiences across the country, from churches to government settings.  But they are humble, down-to-earth people who are simply engaged in loving God and their fellow man.  They both love the outdoors, and Kim's writing attests to her gift for drawing truths about God and life from things we see and experience in nature.  Of course, horses feature prominently in these life lessons!

The message they share is for everyone, but they have a special heart to see God's healing and restoration in families.  So bring your kids, bring your friends, and don't miss the opportunity to hear and meet these special guests on October 25!