Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bluffton super scoopers!

This week we are thankful to have a group from Bluffton, IN to help at HIS Ranch! Yesterday, the group spent late morning and all of the afternoon cleaning out stalls and refilling with fresh sawdust. What troopers! Although scooping poop is not the most fun, it is of course a very necessary action on a ranch. We are so thankful!

Today the group cleaned out the barn by sorting wood, sweeping & rearranging to give us more room to work. They also worked in the Welcome Center by covering more knotty pine with polyurethane, cleaned the floor on their hands & knees, and finally moving the couch and chair into the front room! What a blessing! It looks so nice! And of course before the day was over, they couldn't leave without doing one other thing. Yep, you guessed it, cleaned up some more manure!

Hopefully they can survive a few more days of ranch life!

Young Group Work Night

Justin has continued to work hard finishing the bathroom and adding a shelf to the Welcome Center. Doesn't the bathroom look great? A big thanks also goes to Sally's great decorating skills. Her creative thoughts have made the Welcome Center become truly welcoming!

Last week the Taylor Young Group had a work night at HIS Ranch. Although it began to rain and some of them got pretty wet, they were still able to get some things accomplished!