Thursday, January 22, 2009

Office Floor!!!

The weekend of January 17 & 18 HIS Ranch was a buzz of activity as we worked with the foals, built stalls, and moved in! Yes, Alicia Steffen has officially moved to Taylor! A big thanks goes out to the other 5 girls who helped out, especially Megan Kieser who was here the whole week before as well. We can't wait until Megan moves down in the summer. It was an encouraging weekend!

We are so thankful for the latest development in the office! Last Wednesday (21st) after waiting hours for the glue to dry, the workers were finally able to put the flooring down. It looks so nice! We will now be able to put up the trim and the door and eventually be able to move in! We will finish putting the floor in the rest of the Welcome Center at a later date.